Our services

Our experience lies in the field of engineering for industrial automation in the areas of robot systems, conveyor technology as well as process plants such as industrial wastewater or galvanisation. We support in the areas of software planning and implementation, virtual commissioning as well as function test and customer acceptance.

This applies to PLC controls, visualization and HMI from different manufacturers as well as various robot controls.

Robot Controls

Simulation (feasibility study, accessibility examination, concept protection) as well as offline / online programming and commissioning.


SOFTWARE and Engineering

The control of a plant or software that ultimately triggers the actions has
great importance and ensures how well the plant / machine works.

Commissioning and Coordination

After completed engineering and created software, the software parts will be checked. This happen in a virtual test environment in which the system can be replicated as a whole or partially.

HMI-/ GUI-/ SCADA-/ Visualization

We program your device / machine / plant control according to your specifications, standards and safety requirements.


PLC-/SPS- Controls

Control technology / PLC programming: visualization / HMI programming, fieldbus commissioning, plant control.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is not just a concept for us. We were able to gather our experience on some projects and got an order for a project of a technical college.

There, technicians are trained on a system with our software.

In this area, the SCADA and IoT are amplified and projected under application of OPC-UA.